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   The State of Ohio maintains a list of all ETP eligible training providers of WIA services that job seekers may choose from to advance their careers. If your desired training provider is not listed, the Local One Stop (Medina County Workforce Development is such a One Stop) will be unable to utilize that program with WIA training dollars. The training provider may submit an application to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services so that their program might become part of this Eligible Training Provider List.


If you are one of the many Adults, who do not have a High School Diploma, the employment opportunities are limited.  Over the years hundreds of Medina County Adults have chosen to improve their future by attending an Adult Basic Education program for the GED. 

The Medina County Career Center can assist in your goal by custom designing an academic plan to identify only the classes that you need.
Registration is January 7, 8 and 9th and GED Express classes commence on January 14th and meet on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM. 

.Day classes can also be acquired at JOG/NEXT STEP, 3711 Pearl Road, Medina.

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